Although Arizona is a state which can be defined as desert, the place also has a lot of gorgeous scenery and tourist spots. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Arizona is to explore the famous sights in its desert region. Let’s not forget that Arizona is also a very popular destination for tourists around the globe. Let’s explore some of the famous campgrounds in Arizona.

alkali spring- Funny Towns RV park AZ

alkali spring is a very popular spot in azcentralaz. It is one of the best place where you can witness the stunning views of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. All the facilities and amenities are provided to you so you will have a wonderful time throughout your stay. The campground offers around 34 campsites and 13 of those are tent sites. The facilities and activities of this park are not available in your local places. So you must reserve your places at the Arizona State Park.

Canyon RV Park- Canyon RV Park is one of the most amazing parks in Arizona. This park is situated near the Red Rock Canyon. The Creston Canyon is also located near to this park. It provides you a lot of facilities and activities to the visitors. It is a place where you can relax in the middle of the desert. The public is allowed to visit this park for camping from April to October. You must follow the rules and regulations of this park.

place named after the salt road- Lake Powell, the place has 32 campsites and 9 of those are pull through sites. The other 4 sites are canyoneer sites. The amenities of this campground are excellent and you will definitely enjoy your stay.

front country- Grand Canyon South, Arizona is a famous place which is known as the front country of Grand Canyon. This area is full of many wonders and you will love to explore this place. There are full hook-up sites which is available 24 hours a day. You can reach this place by taking 15 minutes of your drive from North Phoenix.

ilateral Divide- Situated in the southern part of Arizona, this campground is situated near the national park of Painted Deserts. You can go hiking, camping, canoing, or skiing at this place. The amenities of this campground are very good and you can also use the hot showers and restrooms. You can also enjoy the fresh water source.

ancestral promontory- Lake Mead is one of the most important places in Las Vegas. This place is absolutely enormous. You will be surprised that this lake is full of greenery and there are several other water bodies nearby. There are numerous historical sites at this place.

potholes- Potholes Reservoir is full of pull through sites. You can bring your canoes and kayaks and enjoy your stay at this place. It is very easy to get to this campground from any direction.

canyon loop- As the name suggests this place is around the canyon. It is full of wonderful camp sites and there are also some lodges available. This is a place where you can see the signs of old monasteries.

dragons quarters- This is a place where you can see the effects of dark and light on the same spot. You will be able to switch the light on or off as there are electrical appliances and appliances.

avenue mountain trail- The trail named as this is in the historic area. You can see the historical spots and rock formations from this trail.

mexico ranger camp- This is one of the top place in the list of camping sites in Arizona. This is one of the best places in Arizona to camp during summer. You can see the different kinds of mountains and deers.

described site- Camping in Arizona is made more enjoyable if you will stay at the best campground in the area. So, if you will search on the internet you will definitely get the list of the top camping sites in Arizona.