Some of my favorite memories from childhood are those of when we went camping as a family. For a few of us, it was a yearly event. For others, it was a weekend activity that took up our entire summer. In many cases, we would stay for a few days then return home for the following school year.

I still remember my first experience at a summer camp. It was a memorable experience as all those involved had to work together to overcome the many obstacles thrown at us. To meet or talk to campers and experts one needed to travel to places around the country to find out what really happened to our country during those dark days.

The whole experience taught me never to underestimate the power of sports teams or the influence they can have on young individuals. The bad experience and upset we had in the wake of each other was all part of the experience. It was all part of the learning experience.

Sports camps are designed and run by professional staff. It would be rare to find overnight camp or sleepaway camp services run byvolunteers. Hence, it is important to consider the reputation of the overnight summer camp as well as the reputation of the volunteer group in selecting a program.

As one learns more about the specifics of overnight summer camp, he/she will acquire more information about what is possibly the most valuable resource of all; their children. In providing the resources, the camp intentionally builds self confidence of the children participating. showers two or more days a week, the camp specifically gathers all theMoney raised in the camp auctions. Its main source of income is from asking for donations from parents and parents of its campers. Donors contribute whatever they can.

Donors will often seek out a camp they have familiarity with or a camp where they can have some overlap with their children.

If you have a child between the ages of 6 to 11 years, you may also consider inviting the father to join in the fun. Years ago, one of my sons was accepted to go to a sleep away camp. Dad was not informed of this until after the fact. Even after multiple conversations between the father and the camp administration, the boy did not get to participate.

]). However, even without the father’s knowledge, campers have no doubts but what the camp is all about. Ask any little boy or girl who has gone to a sleep away camp to tell you the reason they did not stay home. I can almost guarantee you will hear the words “I would have liked to have stayed home”.

Even before the camp comes to camp, families begin to plan family vacations. Camping can be a key part of any family vacation. Kids enjoy sleeping in a tent more than anyone I know. Going out to play makes them feel that part of the family is enjoying the experience.

Taking a family vacation with a child can also help kids develop self confidence.

For families who want to incorporate a bit more flexibility into their vacation, overnight summer camp can offer a fun and effective way to accomplish this. Unlike hotels and Prepayers, kids can pretty much set the pace of their own adventure.Mobile home parks fill up fast especially during the summer months. If you are thinking of an overnight summer camp for your child, you need to be aware of the campsuite options available.

Consider the amount of time that your child will be out on camp and what activities and facilities are available. Ask if the camp has a place designated for the dog.Take a look at the contact information and availability of staff. Are there any references to previous campers or staff?

What is the refund policy? How far in advance should you have to pay?

How many children will be in the camp?

What path will they explore? Will they sleep in a dog house or on an RV?