The great thing about camping holidays is that they are not bound by months and years. They are here and around the corner all the time. When you book your place, they will be there. The preparation for the holiday is as important as the actual holiday itself. Sit back and relax!

Toilet facilities campsite depend on number of bathrooms you require. Do you need a lift to your caravan or simply to use the facilities?

Caravan Site Facilities

There are some caravan site facilities that will make your stay much more pleasurable. Having a favourite place to shower can never hurt. Joining us in this adventure are caravan shower and toilet hire.

Shower and Toilet Hire

atownning caravan shower and toilet hire is a great way to explore your caravan holiday destination. Clean and neat shower and toilet facilities are something you will appreciate having a few weeks into your holidays.

Toilet hire means no more nasty toilet queues. Toilet hire not only provides you but also your children with a wash cloth to use, Left behind at home or on the campsite you really do need to use. We all know that to go to the toilet you can’t see very well, that’s where the caravan shower comes in.

Having a shower with hired shower and toilet facilities will allow you to have a great shower, away from the attitudes of fellow holiday makers.

Backpack Routes

Decide how many of you will be going out on backpack routes. You will need suitable clothing, food and adventuresome activities to do when not staying in a caravan park.

Get your caravan, nature find, wildlife viewing and explore the caravan park.

Put together an interesting itinerary, pack you bags and get out into the countryside and its best kept secrets.


The UK camping site is full of picturesque camping areas, cheap to run and insure, you can even put up in a caravan if you buy the right size.

There are a number of places that have top class camping sites one of the US visitors favorite is Rainbow Bridge camp in Utah. This is a unique US Forest Service Site that has a number of shower and toilet blocks with fresh water, a coin laundry and an on site host.

You can do your laundry and shower in the same washroom. Nicely situated between Bear Peak and Big Cottonwood Canyon. This is a non-pipe camping site that has a number of unique set ups. One thing you can’t buy better and better at the same time I must tell you.

I saw a setup like that but I wasn’t paying attention and soon found myself lazing in the sun getting a hug from the bear. The shower was a bonus.

To be able to reach the water in the Bear Peak area you will need to drive for two hours and end up at Lang Bow. Leave your car in the parking lot and walk to the trail head that leads to the swimming pool and gate.

Once you arrive at the gate open the road and walk down the road to the base of the pool. There are a number of paths that you take to get to the point where you start hiking and a shower stop.

For those that keep bringing up smell sensoring issues I suggest you add some citronella in your camping shower. Though the citronella doesn’t block odors it smells like laundry powder. That’s an easy fix though.

Also don’t forget to bring a Frisbee or football and some baseball equipment to play in the great outdoors. With the hike in Rocky Mountain National Park it’s not a bad idea to also take some hiking shoes. Always check ahead of time to see if there is a hiking path to your camping destination.

Camping can be a wonderful experience or it can be a terrible misstep in adventure. Take the time and make the effort to find the perfect place for you and your family. Don’t leave anything out because you don’t want to miss that view of the lake or that boarderrat walking down the path. Take the time not be become a statistic.