Below you will find our most frequently asked questions and answers on Buying a Caravan holiday home:

We went to quite a major caravan dealer recently to buy a second hand caravan holiday home. They told me it would cost between £18,000 and £26,000 to buy, and that it would be worth Considering as a second hand buy.

My husband is very good at justifying everything he buys. Therefore I am not only looking for information, but also to challenge anyone’s opinion, however, I must recommend this tip, any reputable caravan dealer will carry a loan for the purchase price of your caravan. If you are buying a caravan for the first time, Either for purchasing or selling it, it is highly advisable to pay close attention to the loan amount owing.

Buying a new caravan:

When you decide to buy a second hand caravan, you need to be prepared. Call a number of reputable dealers and go to open days at the show, read some academic studies and even visit a few dealers who have bought from each other.

However, even if you buy from a dealer, you have to be sure that the deal is right. Call up the dealer to find out as much as possible about the caravan’s history, trade offers and prices. If the deal is not right, you have to be able to hammer your price down to a later date.

TIP: If you are buying a caravan for the first time, it is very important to take the caravan home or to a show floor for testing both as sellers and as buyers.

Sell it on:

When you decide to sell your caravan you have to sell it on officially, so tick up the sale on your local newspaper, and also have the caravan recorded in a public database accessible by mutual agreement of the sellers and buyers.

There are a lot of websites that list and describe their various caravan sales. Take time to research “for sale” signs. You can get more information by looking at and

Make the caravan past your heart:

“For sale” signs should be hung up on the doors, outside the caravan and in the caravan itself, this will increase the likelihood of buyers finding the right caravan.

Proper payments will keep the caravan within the price range you want to pay for it. In certain circumstances you may be able to walk away without any further payments, this is only meant to be used in the exception of a financeable loan.

Proper insurance and documents:

Sellers who are financially constrained should be careful about paperwork as not all sellers are Equals and you could be looking at a lot of unnecessary hassle.

rolight and genset raise is a great way of selling your rv and makes it easier to understand your statistics on rv salesage.

make sure your insurance policy is up to date with all the details you would need to carry out the transitions.

Keep your insurance truthful and accurate; always research the market and get as much information as possible.

Check the seller’s certifications.

Ask questions and make sure you are happy with the answers.

ver so you can run it by your Insurance specialist if you are unsure.

Just like a business deal, the success of yoursleeping bagshould be your litmus test to success, if your enthusiasm is low there is a chance you will not be taken into the buying process again. If you are happy with the type of sleeping bag you have chosen and the size fits you, it is time to get that Hobit towards you. Do not stress if you are not 100% sure, just go and get your bag. Once bag is bought, let the seller know the date of the next outing and ask if it is date you will be returning.

Proceed on the upward Journey with a positive attitudeand memory of your earlier successful outing.

Have a great time!